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Butler Motorcycle Maps

Planning a motorcycle trip can be hard work. Butler G1 Maps highlight the best paved motorcycle rides in the country so you don’t have to guess which roads are good. Our dedicated team rides and rates every road you see on our water-proof maps, hundreds of thousands of miles so far. Our easy to read rating system clearly indicates the most dramatic and scenic stretches and are accompanied by detailed inset boxes, written descriptions, elevation profiles and whole bunch of useful information to help you plan your journey.

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Alaska Motorcycle Map

Some call Alaska the last frontier. Go ride there and you’ll understand why. Alaska is HUGE. This map provides detailed, easy to read information specifically for motorcyclists. The most dramatic sections of paved and dirt roads are highlighted in Butler Maps popular Gold, Red and Orange colors and are accompanied by crucial information about places to eat, sleep, fuel up and cool down. You will also find detailed inset boxes showcasing Alaska’s popular highways as well as roads through Western Canada. This map was produced in conjunction with MotoQuest Tours and is a great supplement to The Adventurous Motorcyclist’s Guide to Alaska by Octane Press.
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Arizona Motorcycle Map

What can we say about Arizona? Nothing bad, that’s for sure, the riding here simply rocks. There are not many places you can start a ride in a dry desert with giant Saguaro Cactus and end it in a field of snow at the top of a mountain. Not to mention, it’s hard to find a better place to end a ride than a gun-slinging wild west town like Bisbee or Tombstone. Much of the state has riding year round so when the roads ice over in the northern reaches of the country, head south.
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Colorado Motorcycle Map

Colorado is one of the top motorcycle destinations in the country for good reason. Stunning paved mountain passes, desolate dirt back roads, alpine tundra, red rock desert, Colorado has it all. Our newly updated 4th Edition map features over 40 recommended dual-sport roads in addition to the 27 paved G1 roads that are not to be missed.
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Idaho Motorcycle Map

You’ve heard of Lolo Pass? No you have not? Well, now you have and there is no excuse to not go ride it. Find Lolo and 16 other incredible paved roads on this newly updated Idaho map. Including one of our favorites, St. Joe River Road. Like all our 2nd Edition or newer maps, this one showcase the best dual-sport roads in the state.
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Montana Motorcycle Map

Montana is Big Sky Country. You’re probably imagining rugged mountains with gnarly roads stitching up their flanks. There is a bit of that here but you have to know where to look. Our newly updated Montana 3rd Edition will point you in the right direction. Every good paved road in the state is highlighted along with our hand picked selection of dual-sport roads to explore the remote corners of the state on dirt worthy machines.
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Motorcycling Colorado

Motorcycling in Colorado takes you past high snow-capped rocky peaks, into deeply cut canyons, through lush mountain meadows, over sagebrush-covered open rangeland, rolling hills, and grassy plains where you can see forever. All through this great variety of terrain run roads perfect for motorcycling-roads that twist and turn through canyons and swoop up and over mountain passes. With each turn a new stunning scenic vista unfolds and you want to just keep riding. Steve Farson has ridden all of these roads on his motorcycle and describes them in detail in The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado: The Definitive Reference for ALL the Best Roads, Rides, and Tips. This truly comprehensive book contains colorful in-depth descriptions of 172 different rides that can be combined in a variety of ways to create motorcycle journeys ranging from half a day to several days. Though the emphasis of the descriptions is on the ride itself, historical background is given for the many ghost towns, abandoned mines, and railroads that are encountered along the way. Each ride is mapped individually, and regional maps show how the rides can be combined to form longer journeys. The many color photos introduce you to the incredible variety of terrain found in Colorado. An interesting feature is the use of historical photos, placed next to present day shots of the same location, which show how much (or how little) has changed in the intervening years. Any motorcyclist who enjoys the ride as much, if not more, than the destination will be drawn to Colorado. Riders who are lucky enough to live in the Colorado area, as well as those from afar who have the opportunity to ride there will find this book an indispensable and unique resource. Discovering the many and varied delights Colorado has to offer those traveling on two wheels will make for the ride of a lifetime.
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Motorcycling Montana

Motorcycling Montana is the definitive and only motorcyclist’s guide to touring Montana. Nearly 200 routes in 500 pages of informative text, maps and photos in a spiral-bound 8.5″ x 5.5″ format. Fold it open and slip it into the map pocket on a tank bag or other storage compartment for quick and easy reference. Printed on uncoated paper stock to eliminate glare. Motorcycling Montana is organized along the state’s six tourism regions, delineated with handy “gatefold” dividers. Motorcyle-Friendly Format 500 pages of informational text, maps and photos in an 8.5″ x 5.5″ by format, spiral bound so you can fold it open at the page you need for quick and easy reference. We chose an uncoated paper stock for the book’s pages to eliminate glare in bright sunlight or artificial light. We also chose a type size and typeface for maximum readability. Organized for the Road The Motorcycling Montana guide book is organized and divided along the lines established by the State of Montana’s Office of Tourism. Six tourism regions have been designated with three spread across the state’s northern tier and three across the south. Handy “gatefold” dividers bound into the book delineate the regions.
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New Mexico Motorcycle Map

This map highlights every great paved road in New Mexico along with a hand-picked selection of our favorite dual-sport adventure roads brought to you by Touratech-USA. Of the many thousands of miles of great roads in New Mexico, there are 39 Gold (G1) rated roads that stand out. These amazing roads are the focus of this map and include popular rides like the ‘Enchanted Triangle’ as well obscure back roads that you would never expect to find . Just like every Butler Map, each segment of road highlighted on this map was ridden and rated by a real human being. You’ll find detailed inset boxes, written descriptions and elevation profiles to help tell the story of that specific segment of road.
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