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The United States

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Amazing U.S. Geography

A Book of Answers for Kids
$12.95 excl tax


The only soft geographically shaped map of the United States of America, showing Alaska and Hawaii on the reverse side. Over 400 labeled places, a perfect travel item or gift for the car. Features all 50 states, major cities, natural features, rivers, lakes, mountain ranges and National Parks. 100% cotton. Size: 11" x 14".
$19.95 excl tax

Name That State

The U.S. Geography Game
$24.99 excl tax

National Geographic Kids United States Atlas

The award-winning National Geographic Kids United States Atlas features lively maps, and graphics; updated essays and statistics; 8 thematic map spreads, on topics such as immigration, natural hazards, the water crisis, and the "greening" of America; same-size physical and political maps for each region for easy comparison; vibrant photo essays on each region and state; more than 350 full-color illustrations; 80-plus pages of National Geographic maps; 50-plus info graphics; updated state fact boxes; geo-whiz facts; state flags, birds, and flowers; comprehensive place-name index with coordinates for easy reference; and glossary of geographic terms.
$12.95 excl tax